8 December 2018 13:30Norrsken House

The more we learn about how precious it is, the better we can take care of it and use it wisely. Through research, innovation and collaboration.

Take the opportunity to join a one-hour moderated Q&A session as a sneak peek of the engaging discussions to come at the Nobel Week Dialogue. Nobel Laureate Dan Shechtman, Sandra Postel, Director and Founder of Global Water Policy Project, Founders of The Swedish Algae Factory Sofie Allert, CEO and Angela Wulff, R&D Manager, will discuss the topic of water from an innovation perspective.

Nobel Week Dialogue is a free of charge, full-day event bringing together Nobel Laureates, experts and the public. This year’s dialogue, Water Matters, will put the spotlight on the importance of water, and why and how we can make a difference together. Be there. Discuss, learn and explore!

- Norrsken House, Birger Jarlsgatan 57C, Stockholm -